51 Buckingham Gate – Taj Hotel

51 Buckingham Place – A Taj Hotel

51 Buckingham Place is a five star luxury hotel, located near Buckingham Palace and Westminster Cathedral. Its history reaching back four hundred years, to the time of Shakespeare and Queen Elizabeth I.


A traditional environment, refurbished to appeal to a modern day clientele. The design was sympathetic to the historic setting while still nodding gently to a contemporary upliftment.


The aesthetic of the light fittings was important as it needed to support a traditional backdrop that had been refurbished with contemporary finishes.

As a result a minimalist recessed light fitting was selected to light the circulation spaces. The lamp was set back slightly from the ceiling line which softened the glow of light.

A glow of linear LED light was introduced within furniture pieces, creating softness to the ambiance. The traditional backdrop was highlighted with a selection of table lamps and wall lights. This localised pooling of light created a more traditional atmosphere, which equally highlighted particular areas of the space and drew the attention into the depth of the room.


House of Light and Design


Taj Hotel

Interior Designer:

Sue Freeman Interior Design




London, United Kingdom