7-10 Old Bailey

7-10 Old Bailey

7 – 10 Bailey was the redevelopment of a site in the City of London. It is an office building comprising of 8 floors, in which a large atrium linking the reception to the office floors above.

Sidell Gibson Architects created a unique diagonal atrium and frameless bays of its office in the City of London. They are set next to the Central Criminal Court and round the corner from St Paul’s Cathedral. Its Old Bailey street facade is a Portland stone grid with slightly projecting glass bays.


The visual interest within the atrium space was the form of the atrium itself. To light the space a series of light fittings were necessary.

In choosing the type of light fitting it was important for the aesthetic of the light fitting to be unobtrusive and for it to blend to the architecture as far as possible.

The location of the light fittings was an important factor as the lighting needed to achieve the relevant working planes. It was also important that the location of the light fittings suited the rhythm of the architecture.


Focusing on localised lighting allowed a lighting solution which kept the atrium free from visual clutter. The lift walls and the reception desk were used to base the lighting at, which created clean lines of light that blended with the architecture. The light therefore had the opportunity to light the desired area, while the light fitting remained in the background of the visual hierarchy within the space.


Tanya was responsible for the lighting design of the featured project while director of GIA Lighting


Marlebone Warwick Balfour (MWB Business Exchange)


Sidell Gibson Architects with Avery Associates Architects


2007 – 2009


£21 million


London, United Kingdom