Burberry Global Headquarters

The headquarters was relocated to the Horseferry House in Westminster, London for expansion reasons. The new building, which is 160,000 square feet and includes over eight floors, provides enough space to house all of Burberry’s London employees together for the first time.


Burberry requested that House of Light and Design assist with the management of natural and artificial light at the top of the atrium. Whilst natural light needed to be maximised during daylight hours it was equally as important to manage a diffused level of light after dark.


A backlighting solution was implemented to allow the appearance by night and by day to be consistent. At the same time the floor below receives light. Additional luminaires were placed to increase the level of light to the working plane below.

The aesthetic of the solution was carefully considered as it needed to be suitable for a high end fashion brand.


House of Light and Design


Burberry Global Headquarters


Atrium area forming part of the 160,000 m2 retail space




London, United Kingdom