Mint Hotel – Amsterdam

Mint Hotel Amsterdam now proud to be part of Double Tree Hotels

Working closely with Bennetts Associates’ on their first project outside the UK – a master plan project by Erik van Egeraat Associates, involving a planning and construction of a 553-bedroom hotel.

As a prominent part of Amsterdam’s Eastern Dock Island regeneration project, the hotel develops the award winning concepts first developed by Bennetts Associates at Mint Hotel Westminster in 2003. The hotel develops its sharp geometrical language around a courtyard, with two public floors below six to nine levels of hotel room accommodation. The bedrooms, terraces and SkyLounge are arranged to maximise views across the Amstel River and a spectacular panorama of the old town.

The facades are a complex series of material layers, comprising moveable shutters, timber or metal panels and brickwork, thereby emulating the spirit of traditional Dutch architecture.


This contemporary interior was designed with an emphasis on the view beyond. The lighting needed to be sympathetic to the view and minimising reflection and glare was a priority.


From the outset, the visibility of the lamp was considered. The lighting design took into account the reflection of light within the windows. At night when the emphasis is on the view beyond, the lighting was designed and placed to keep the reflection of the interior lighting to a minimum. This allowed the view beyond to be the focal point to the interior. Placement of light was carefully considered in order to provide the desired ambiance within the SkyLounge.


Tanya was responsible for the lighting design of the featured project while director of GIA Lighting


City Inn Contemporary Hotels

Interior Designer:

Bennetts Associates




Amsterdam, The Netherlands


FX Design Awards 2012 – Shortlisted

European Hotel Design Awards 2012- Shortlisted

RIBA Awards 2013 – Shortlisted