National Assembly of Wales

National Assembly for Wales

Short listed for the RIBA Stirling Prize 2006 for RIBA Building of the Year. Working closely with Dr David Millington, the lighting philosophy developed to integrate with the architectural form, accenting key features such as the Debating Chamber funnel and floating roof structure.


The debating chamber was at the core of the building – a large internal space with a towering funnel through which natural light flowed.

Addressing the artificial lighting element highlighted the complexity of the space. The challenge was to light the debating chamber below, as well as the funnel above. A lighting zone was preferable as it avoided the architecture from being interrupted.


To achieve the lighting remit, it was the technical ability of each light fitting, along with its selected location that delivered an effective lighting solution.

The light fittings were placed at the base of the funnel, allowing the light to be angled into the debating chamber diagonally.

Careful calculation defined the light angle and beam, as well as the intensity of light. A sparse number of fittings were located within the funnel itself, lighting up and down the funnel.

The technical ability of each fitting was important as the lighting required was delivered from within a dedicated lighting zone.


Tanya was part of the lighting design team for the featured project, led by Dr. David Millington BDSP Lighting.


National Assembly of Wales


Richard Rodgers Partnership


2002 – 2003


£41 million


Gross Internal Area: 4,000 square metres


Cardiff, UK