Olympic Village

Olympic Village

Triathlon Homes is a joint venture company established by East Thames Group, First Base and Southern Housing Group. It acquired high quality homes and contributes to a successful legacy for Stratford and the wider east London community after the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.


Creating a level of light, which was sufficient for the purpose by utilising the minimum amount of lighting product. With the introduction of user interaction within the space it was the understanding of how the space would be utilised to ensure a practical allowance of light.


House of Light and Design undertook a site survey to measure the fall of light within the space. From the outcome of data the client was advised of the reality of light within the space – comparing it to lighting code and guideline requirements. Furthermore the practical use of the space was defined to understand the user impact within the space and its influence on the fall of light.


House of Light and Design


First Base




2014 Completed


£300 million


United Kingdom, London, Newham