Adding Value

At House of Light and Design we recognise the importance of delivering design within commercial parameters.

Set project budget

We provide a design to meet an established budget.

Budget Estimation

We help to establish the budget early in the design phase.

Design independence

We select equipment from a variety of manufacturers to ensure appropriate product selection for the technical project requirement. We do not manufacture, sell or install equipment.

Installation costs

We consider lighting equipment and techniques to reduce installation costs.

Operational Cost

Life cycle cost analysis will demonstrate the return on initial investment benefits.

Environment and Cost

We select cost-effective and energy-efficient products most appropriate for the project.

Equipment Pricing

Our service can prove helpful in obtaining an agreed upon price from the manufacturer.

Low cost unit pricing

Our service will work with the client representative and contractors to achieve cost objectives minimizing potential sacrificing of design objectives.

Over lighting

Costs can be reduced by not over-lighting. It is the combination of understanding of both the practical requirement for light and the technical delivery to satisfy the requirement which can result in a reduction of cost by avoiding over lighting.

Integrating Daylight

This natural, free source of light can be better utilized by controlling artificial light in areas which benefit from adequate daylight.

Aesthetic Costs

The “value-added” by good, creative design is reflected in the brand identity to which lighting design contributes. The difference between great and average lighting design is apparent.Creative lighting design enhances brand identity, adding value. In the same way that architectural style conveys a brand impression so does lighting.