Design Process

Scientific knowledge, beautiful lit effect, reduce environmental impact and add value – combining these elements in an impactful way, during the design process, is the design philosophy of House of Light and Design.

Working with developers, architects, designers and owners to cover the whole project life cycle: Scoping, planning, procurement, installation and on-site advice.

House of Light and Design understands:

  • The business objectives and budget
  • The architectural and interior design vision
  • The importance of defining design objectives
  • The necessity to set and meet budgets
  • The relevance of meeting timescales


  • Lux data to bring natural elements into space and combine these with effective artificial solution

One on One Meetings:

  • To present ideas to clients using 3D visualization

Project Management:

  • Ensuring the final design is implemented as specified
  • Contractors to deliver the scheme’s specification
  • Commissioning of installation to function as designed

Painting with Light:

  • To amplify space and shape
  • To showcase colour and texture
  • To create visual impact