Capital House – MN Rothschild

Capital House, MN Rothschild relocation

MN Rothchild & Sons are one of the world’s largest independent financial advisor groups. The Rothchild banking family of England was founded in 1798.


Upliftment of lighting to the meeting rooms, offices, dining rooms and circulations spaces.

The walkways of offices often have a series of recessed lights within the ceiling. They are usually equally spaced and the light fitting is typically round or square and recesses so that only the glow of the lamp is perceived.

On this occasion the design intent was to create a solution that was integrated and elegant whilst still delivering the required lighting levels.

On this occasion the length of the corridor was to be expressed with a clean line of light instead.


The corridor was emphasised by running uninterrupted lighting across the length of the corridor. The ceiling recess allowed the light fitting to be placed above the ceiling line.

A diffuser was placed beneath the light fitting. The uninterrupted lighting continued the lines of light, creating an elegant glow that drew the eye down the length of the corridor.

Where breakout spaces occurred, the line of light that met the corridor was visible. This created an attractive design feature while still achieving the required lighting levels.

The diffused light washed evenly across the walls, creating a visual flow of an evenly lit space.


Tanya was responsible for the lighting design of the featured project while director of GIA Lighting


NM Rothschild and Sons Ltd

Interior Designer:

TP Bennett Interior Design


2007 – 2008


London, United Kingdom