Light and Design

Design is the sum of its parts. There are the elements that are needed and those that are desired. It is the detail that delivers a beautiful end result.

Tips to consider:

  1. …recess depth, as it restricts choice of lighting technologies
  2. …beam angle of light
  3. …colour temperature of lamp
  4. …the recess depth within the floor
  5. …the touch temperature with safety and health in mind
  6. …the touch temperature of the lamp
  7. …the lit effect
  8. …the luminaire efficiency
  9. …the level of light required
  10. …the installation cost
  11. …the maintenance cost and life cycle implications

Artificial light is to enhance space which natural light cannot reach.
We believe that a combination of talent, design flair, commercial awareness, knowledge and guidance provided by industry standards deliver desirable design solutions that are underpinned with commercial awareness.