Mohini Mansions

Mohini Mansions

Lighting design for an innovative design shaped for what was to be the blueprint for new style educational centres.

This mixed-use development located in Ballygunge, Calcutta, consists of over 9,000 square meters of offices, boutique retail, and a restaurant.

The building is nine stories high around a dramatic central atrium with the boutique shopping located on the lower two levels. The building’s primarily stone facade with deeply recessed windows acknowledges the need to address a sustainable, efficient, and passive approach to the city’s hot and humid climate.


The vast atrium was overlooked by a series of corridors to the offices above. The challenge was to create a lighting scheme that created a low level aesthetic but also fills the volume. Simultaneously it needed to be an attractive solution, which could equally be admired through the windows along the corridors above.


A series of large pendants was placed along the volume of the atrium. Upon entry, at ground floor, the aesthetic of the pendants was noticeable.

As the visitor steps further into the atrium space the view into its void with strategically placed pendants completed the picture, as the pendants were placed in such a way that their accumulative view was impressive. The pendants were dark on the outside of the light fitting, while a strong presence of colour was seen on the inside of the light fitting.


House of Light and Design


Indian City Properties Ltd.


Studio DRA


2010 – Ongoing


Calcutta, India