Mossbourne Community Academy

Mossbourne Community Academy

Lighting for an innovative design, introducing the blueprint for new style educational centre.


Luminaires are a functional requirement within an educational facility. Ensuring the level of light and how it is maintained and controlled is practical and fit for purpose is all important.  In this educational facility a new approach is implemented by the client team and architecture.  The lighting needs to respond to this new blueprint style.


A number of corridors, which would typically be an indoor space is, on this occasion, exposed to the courtyard. The lighting approach takes into account an external lighting requirement and due to low ceiling heights need to be robust. A proportion of learning areas are ad-hoc spaces within open plan areas within the building.  The balance of natural light and artificial light is considered and addressed. While classrooms are not very large the lighting takes into account an uniform light distribution minimising glare for visual comfort.


Tanya was part of the lighting design team for the featured project, led by Dr David Millington, BDSP Lighting


Department for Education and Skills


Richard Rodgers Partnership




London, United Kingdom