Patent House

Patent House

A private residential loft apartment refurbishment situated in the Spatt’s Complex in Poplar. An old pet food factory, converted in 1985 into approximately 150 units, and was among the first warehouse conversions in London. The Spatt’s Complex comprises of six multi-story period warehouses, constructed in reinforced concrete and grouped around courtyards.

The building has become extremely desirable for media-based artists, curators, graphic/web/product/fashion designers, animators, illustrators, architects and other creatives.


Zoning the apartment by means of light became an important aspect of the design approach. The client required both a well-lit space, which could also be transformed into a soft lit ambient space. The vast ceiling heights introduced a challenge as high-level lighting can often be over powering and more difficult to manage when more ambient scenes are desired.


The solution involved making use of vertical surfaces where possible. The lighting was integrated within furniture, such as bookcases and under counter details. A real soft touch to a more ambient solution was introduced by means of lighting slots cut into the walls at strategic viewing angles. These aligned beautifully from within the dining room.

Transition spaces, such as a short corridor, were lit by means of low-level light slots. Artwork was lit from single points of light mounted at high level. Surface mounted lighting was also integrated with the existing high-level beams to provide general down lighting.


House of Light and Design




Nicolas Dodd Architects




London, United Kingdom