Rumyantsevo Business Park – Moscow

Rumyantsevo Business Park Moscow

Rumyantsevo Business Park, a Blackwood Real Estate development, and Russia’s leading property services firm. Provides the most comprehensive portfolio of integrated service in residential, commercial and countryside real estate. Formed in 1991, Blackwood Company is one of the oldest and most experienced real estate companies in the Russian market.


To create a concept, which defined the building volume by emphasising the architectural line. Both the long view and near view to the building needed to be addressed.


Creating bold lines of light at high level allowed the building to be identified from a distance. The core of the building was expressed architecturally. The lighting further emphasised the core by means of horizontal white lines of light, which was pierced with a glow of blue light glowing from within the volume. This approach was echoed at the entrance too. The stairs and windows were also accented to build on the graphic nature of the lighting approach.


House of Light and Design


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David Roden Architects